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I am in love with James Gulliver Hancock’s project where he draws New York City buildings and posts them to his blog. I knew he sold prints of his work but somehow I missed the fact that he published a book (or I just forgot). The book, aptly named All the Buildings in New York: […]


I love this collection of sandwich bags drawn by David LaFerriere for his two children each and every day of their school year. He was recently featured on Flickr’s own blog and admits that he’s been doing this for his kids since they were very young. If you’re interested in seeing the rest of the collection, you […]

Simon’s Cat is celebrating 1 million YouTube subscribers with this time-lapse video of how the cat is drawn on paper.


Photo: NYC Municipal Archives An undated photo showing how NYC streets were once cleaned with horse-drawn buggies spraying water.

SCRIBE MUNDO DE PAPEL from ladies on Vimeo. This ad called “Scribe” is made by CRU DE LADIES and shows what life might be like if everything was made on lined paper.