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This is amazing. Marques Brownlee has teamed up with The Verge to talk about his dream smartphone. He is probably the most comprehensive and intelligent every-day-guy talking about tech gadgets online and I’m glad he’s getting a bigger outlet to voice his opinions. This guy rocks.

My Beloved Enemy produced this video above called “The Iraqi-American Dream” that follows several families as they are taken in by the US as Iraqi refugees fleeing their country. For the most part, it seems like they are given a true chance to start over in a place that is not just more friendly to them […]

A behind the scenes look at a car shoot featuring a bunch of exotic and rare cars in Los Angeles. The car was part of a benefit for The Painted Turtle charity. Photos by Richard Thompson III.


Another fantastic letterpress piece of work by Joey Roth. This one gives visual representation to the Grind vs the Dream. Grind: Disciplined, incremental movement through reality towards a goal. Dream: A good idea that loses potency as it encounters reality. Printed by Aardvark Letterpress in LA. You can buy one for $35.