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The AquaDuck on the Disney Dream cruise travels on the upper deck of the oceanliner and allows people walking on the deck to see you slide right by because of its clear tube.

Here’s an inspiring video posted by Andrea James about the community of Cambodian refugees who own donut shops in Los Angeles. The family featured in this video have escaped persecution and most likely death in their native Cambodia and are currently living an American dream — owning their own business, making a decent living, and […]


Illustration by Bruce McCall NYC without cars? That might be a dream come true for some and a nightmare for others. In Bruce McCall’s dream of NYC, he sketches an example of what the city could be if it did away with all car lanes and replaced them with dedicated bicycle, pedestrian, skateboard, stroller, and […]

I already knew that dogs ran in their dreams and now here’s proof that cats do it too! [via]