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Totally awesome leather coasters from Tanner Goods. Each set comes with 4 for just $25.

I know a bunch of people who could benefit a little from watching this video.

With Jason Mraz singing in the background, this cute animation has a real and not so cheery message to it. Using polar bears, this music video shows what could happen to you, a human, if you consume too many sugary drinks. I’ve cut down on my sugary drink intake significantly in the last month mainly […]

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Other than the companies who may be losing money because of less super-sized sales (but probably aren’t losing money), I can’t see a reason why any normal citizen would be against this. Pretty proud of NYC right now for passing this.

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Casey Neistat made a video over at The New York Times to explain in much simpler terms the soda ban proposed by NYC. If you take anything away from this video, it’s that a lot of “regular-sized” drinks contain way more sugar than you think. UPDATED with video below.