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Caught this coffee maker over at Gizmodo. It’s called the Unplugged Coffee Maker and seems to work just like the Clever Coffee Dripper. All you need is a filter, some hot water, and your coffee grinds.

NPR produced this video about how the world’s population reached 7 billion in record time. They visualize the growth by using colorful liquid in dripping beakers. Not a bad representation…


Roofers are a neat little cup lid designed by Shota Aoyagi to help produce a clean stream of liquid from any regular old cup. No drips!

This precision robot can drip 441 3mm-sized water droplets in a row without causing massive spillage. TECHNOLOGY!!


Photo: Herman Yung Just $22 on Amazon! A great single-serving coffee maker. Fun to watch!


Photo by Herman Yung It’s a redundant post title, I know.