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HAHAHA, this is a great project. And for $14.99 you can own this calendar to adorn your cubicle. You know you want to. More photo examples inside.

Pyrobooby making strangers agree with ridiculous things. Haha!


I’ve talked about this situation before about how utterly insane it makes me to be on the same road as some drivers here in California. I can’t stand the slow merges, the huge gaps between parking spaces (although I understand this is required by law due to floor markings), and the rubbernecking. There’s actually an […]


A really interesting excerpt from Marginal Revolution about why some cabbies ask you how to get to your destination. It’s not that they don’t know, it’s that they have a feeling that you know a particular route and that any other route you take will cause them to think that you’re cheating them. But it […]

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This is a photographic example of bullet point #2 in my Bad California Drivers post. It’s only one photo so far but trust me, if you look around for it, you’ll start seeing that a lot of cars have these weird dents/scratches in their sides due to the fact that drivers here are turning too […]