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Oh my gosh, this is the best. No need for DRM, just make any pirated game do this and you’ll get people flocking to stores to get real copies.


This is truly damning evidence of the failure of DRM to make anything enjoyable and seamless for the consumer. In an effort to curb piracy, EA has implemented an “always-on” DRM-checking connection to their own servers. Without an internet connection you simply cannot play the game. And without proper servers from EA, you cannot play […]


Held together by wax, this chair known as the DRM Chair is only good for exactly 8 uses before it melts and falls apart. As evidenced by its name, the DRM Chair shows us how rodiculous DRM technology can be when used in inappropriate circumstances — in this case, a chair which should be used […]


Missed the debute of The CollegeHumor Show this past Sunday? Don’t worry. It’s available FOR FREE on iTunes. Go get it now. UPDATE: Stupid DRM won’t allow you to transfer the video elsewhere. Looks like your best bet is a torrent.


Google has been doing this for ages. So have good friends. So the recent news that Apple will soon do away with music with DRM really isn’t that big of a deal to me. This is only news to those who have been dumb enough not to understand that DRM — in any sort of […]