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So I’ve tried Carousel and I’m just not feeling it as a photo sharing app. BUT, I am feeling quite good about the additional 3GB of space that Dropbox just gave me just for downloading and using the app once. If you want an additional 3GB of space in your Dropbox account, just go to […]

Say what?? Dropbox just acquired the newly launched Mailbox app. A great app paired with a subpar one. This could be interesting.


New look and better sharing capabilities right from the desktop. Get the latest version of Dropbox here.


This is a pretty spectacular service. Let site44 connect to your Dropbox and it will automatically create a new folder with an index.html file inside that you can edit on the fly. No FTP knowledge necessary. All done within the ease of Dropbox. I like!

New Features: Advanced Uploading, Dropbox, & Custom Thumbnails! from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo. A couple of days ago, Vimeo unleashed a few improvements to its website including the ability to instantly upload a video from your Dropbox account. This is useful if you already upload to Dropbox for archiving! Yay!


Just like Gmail and Facebook, Dropbox has enabled 2-step sign-in verification for their website and any new apps that you give permission to access your Dropbox account. The step is vital if you are storing sensitive and private information in your Dropbox. You never know what could happen so you might as well be prepared. […]