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In a commendable effort to get people on boats to wear their life jackets, this website simulates what it is like to drown in the ocean as the boat you were on suddenly steers away. Anybody who has been in a similar near-drowning situation knows how much this feeling sucks and how quickly you get tired […]

This is a continuation of the wavepool lifeguard rescue videos I’ve been posting periodically here on Doobybrain. Each time a new one of these comes out, I get reminded of how incredibly hard it is to spot somebody who needs help in a pool. If you recall, the event usually doesn’t involve screaming or much […]

Saw this video posted on Reddit the other day and it really intrigued me. Even after being told that a lifeguard was going to jump into the water to save a drowning individual, I still could not locate the person until the lifeguard got to her. This wasn’t an exercise either. This was a real […]

Have you ever heard of ISR? No? Well, you should look into it if you have a young child or ever plan on having kids. ISR stands for Infant Swimming Resource and it’s basically a swimming school for infants and toddlers that has proven to be able to teach young children how to survive on […]


Photo by Herman Yung This is the most interesting article I’ve read so far this week. In it, US Navy and Coast Guard veteran Mario Vittone talks about what it’s actually like to see somebody drowning. He writes that the actual event is undramatic, unlike what we know from movies and TV shows when people […]