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Saw this video posted on Reddit the other day and it really intrigued me. Even after being told that a lifeguard was going to jump into the water to save a drowning individual, I still could not locate the person until the lifeguard got to her. This wasn’t an exercise either. This was a real […]

This cute little fella here is being called “Lifeguard Pig” after this video above surfaced showing a drowning goat being saved by…a pig in the same pen?


This project from Martynka Wawrzyniak is certainly mesmerizing. It’s so weird but I just can’t look away. And the most brilliant part is that not only is it 10-minutes long, but it also spans 2 additional videos! [via] Watch them in order: one, two, and three.


Reports are out now that Bosnian police have identified the girl seen in a video throwing puppies into a river. The parents of the girl are being questioned (and presumably, so is the girl) and the girl and her family could be charged about $6400 USD for animal cruelty. That seems like a small fine […]

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Photo by Jiang He ChinaSMACK has a heartbreaking sequence of photos from photographer Jiang He as he captures the drowning of a Chinese firefighter named Zhang He in the recent oil spill in China. Zhang He and a fellow clean-up worker named Han Xiaoxiong were in the oily waters attempting to maneuver a pump when […]