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Just moments after a police pursuit ending with the arrest of a drunk driver, another drunk driver smashed their vehicle into a police cruiser still investigating the first drunk driver. The entire smash was caught on camera (slow motion version above). The full version of the incident is shown below, with the crash happening around […]

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A pretty amazing story of a lucky man who floated drunk from North Korea to South Korea alive. The man was found on top of a plank of wood and amazingly, he will be allowed to stay in South Korean if he chooses. A book deal imminent? He seems to be the 2nd person to […]

DRUNK MIRROR from DrunkMirror on Vimeo. To warn people about the dangers of drunk driving, Allianz created this delayed mirror at a bar to show just how slow reflexes and reactions are in real life after just a couple of drinks.

Bars in Michigan were recently given talking urinal cakes to remind men to call a cab or get a sober friend to drive so they don’t kil themselves and/or others on the road. Will it work though?

And then it falls right after she says it’ll never drop. Hahaha.