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Etsy user janis13 has a bunch of felt pouches for sale including the Game Boy felt pouch above which disguises a Nintendo DS Lite or DSi quite perfectly. Price: $14. [via]

Wow, lots of new features being shown off in this launch video for the new Nintendo DSi, coming out April 5, 2009. Downloadable applications, webcam with touchscreen features (almost like a Photobooth in your hands), and audio recording features, plus much more other improvements in UI over the first-generation DS… This DSi is looking mighty […]


Here are the official shots of the Nintendo DSi which is coming out in the US on April 5. As you can see from the box, the blue looks rather stunning, unlike the representation in the actual photograph showing both colors. I think if I were to upgrade to a DSi from my DS, I’d […]


April 5th is the magical day to keep in mind if you want to upgrade that aging regular DS that you have. The unit will be $170 USD which puts it pretty much in line with the same cost as a first-generation PSP but with a gazillon times more fun. Nintendo however is only releasing […]