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d’emploi just released their Summer 2014 collection filled with wonderful blue and white pinstripe designs for a beach day. Shown here is their Summer Pilot Duffle, the perfect carryall for your clothes, swimsuits, shoes, and other accessories to and from the shore. It’s made with waxed canvas and features some really beautiful natural leather handles. […]


Whoa, how come nobody told me that Wm. J. Mills made a waxed cotton duffle bag? Now it’s too late to get one.


Bottom straps for a skateboard tagalong. Reminds me of the Poler Duffaluffagus Bag.


Really in love with this Poler Duffaluffagus Duffel bag in red. It’s got straps that you can strap a skateboard to and also shoulder straps that come out of hiding for you to convert the bag into a backpack. It’s $80 and I wish I had this for my camping trip tomorrow. [via]


Man, I love the inside of this Shuttle Bag from The Quiet Life. It’s always small details like that that make me choose one duffel bag over another even though they’re all essentially the same thing. This one comes in navy/red and black/purple for just over $65 USD.


I feel like I’m late to the game on this, but I really like how these Beckel Canvas War Bag’s look! It comes in white and olive green for just under $70 each and are made specifically to fit standard carry-on sizes on most airlines. A good look for a great price from a company […]