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Families At The Dump is a wonderful organization whose mission it is to care for and provide education for the families living near a former dump at Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Through this organization, about 70 families are being moved into new homes and children are given a daycare + education. This video gives a glimpse […]

OMG, this is truly one of the saddest videos I’ve ever seen. I’m hopeful that the school built nearby is bringing these kids out of this area, but man, those flies…I feel for these kids.

Wonderful ad featuring a short tune by country singer Kacey Musgraves.

A small landfill in New York (Delaware County Solid Waste Facility) is transforming the organic waste at its landfill into reusable energy. The facility can convert up to 70% of its waste into some form of energy or reusable product. It’s not a perfect solution to waste, but much better than what other facilities are […]

Dumpster diving becomes art, literally, at this San Francisco dump. I always imagine these places to be much dirtier and with fire (maybe because of Toy Story 3), but I guess it’s not. It looks totally walkable.