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A couple in New Mexico helped 3 bear cubs stuck in a dumpster get free by throwing a ladder in there and allowing them to climb out on their own.

From way up high, watch as these 3 paper airplane makers witness the accident of one of their paper airplanes making a perfect circular flight path into the opening of a dumpster. Who would have thought, right? [via]

Gregory Kloehn lives in a dumpster. But he’s not homeless. His dumpster is fabulous! Talk about a small living space though!

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A new service from Waste Management called The Bagster allows for simple and easy clean-up without having to rent a large dumpster to plop down in front of your yard. The Bagster bags are heavy-duty and can apparently hold up to 3000 pounds of waste. Pick up by Waste Management is as easy as lifting […]

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If you haven’t heard already, every Saturday in August, New York City is closing down Park Avenue/Park Avenue South, 4th Avenue, and Lafayette Street for its annual Summer Streets program. This leaves a huge portion of Manhattan car-free for cyclists and pedestrians to play, relax, and enjoy the summer sun. The first Summer Streets is […]

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This Saturday, 3 Dumpster Pools made by MACRO SEA will be open to the public on Park Avenue and 40th and 41st Streets. The dumpster pools aren’t as nasty as you think they are. They are re-purposed from new dumpsters taken in Brooklyn and fitted with pumps that cycle brand-new water into the pool every […]