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I won’t lie, I really love the translucent neon green sole on this limited edition SB Dunk.


This great image of the latest version of the Dunk Hi Nylon sneakers from Nike is courtesy of Standard. These sneakers, introduced last year in October, were big sellers and Nike has brought them back with a couple of new changes. [via] I wanted a pair last year and I still want a pair now. […]


I know I’ll never get a chance to own a pair of these Blue Lobster Dunks because of the limited run and the expensive price, so these pictures will have to do. Concepts really did a good job on this product packaging, putting the shoe in a HAZMAT-like foam container to emphasize the danger of […]


Last summer, Concepts collaborated with Nike SB on a red Lobster Dunk that came in some very fantastic packaging. The Lobster Dunk was a huge success and now Concepts is back with its sequel, a blue version of the same shoe they called the Blue Lobster Dunk. The shoe is to be released on June […]


Wow, this is a real bold pair of kicks! I’ve sorta stopped buying really colorful sneakers like this, but if I had to make one more to call it an end, I’d consider this pair. Unfortunately, they’re only sold in Korea for about $105 USD.

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Look at this wonderful custom Nike SB Dunk by Brad Douglas. Brad took a pair of white distressed Nike SB Dunk Lows and sewed grip tape over the leather to make one of the toughest Nike SB Dunks you can buy. And since the grip tape is backed by the leather, it is less susceptible […]