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Photo: Herman Yung Bronnie Ware worked as a caregiver to the dying for many years and often she was with them from anywhere between the last 3-12 weeks of their lives. In her experience, she has heard lots of folks voice regrets about their life. She’s listed the top 5 regrets here which are worth […]

This is amazing. Residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan didn’t like it when Newsweek declared them one of America’s dying cities, so what did they do? They banded together to create the world’s largest lip dub filmed in one single take. The song chosen is Don McLean’s live version of “American Pie”. [via] According to Gawker, […]


Photo: Ingvar Kenne Holy cow! I just read this story of 3 teenagers lost at sea for 51 days off the coast of Tokelau and am just amazed at the human spirit’s will to survive. The story is a long read and definitely makes you pause and think about how dangerous the open sea is […]

Photo: Chris Jordan Chris Jordan has released the trailer to his upcoming film called Midway in which he travels to a remote island in the Pacific Ocean to capture the destruction that man-made materials — especially plastic — are doing to natural wildlife there. It’s all to do with the phenomenon known as the Great […]