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Here’s a near-zero-energy use solution to e-ink displays as price tags on retail shelves. Traditional e-ink LCD displays need constant power (although low) to keep their displays showing, but researchers at ZBD Solutions have developed a way to keep an LCD screen’s black pixels in place even when the power is pulled completely. This allows […]

Words of a middle man from Jeremias Volker on Vimeo. This is pretty neat. A project by Christoph Steinlehner, Lino Teuteberg, and Jeremias Volker installs an e-ink display in a common area which is then connected somehow to individual computers in an office environment and basically “tweets” or displays the actions on the display for […]


Phosphor, the watch company that makes a line of e-ink digital watches sent over this new wristwatch called the World Time Sport Watch. The watch is real thin thanks to the e-ink display which can immediately go from white to black with the swipe of your fingers. And swipe you will, because this watch has no […]

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This is a very interesting project. The Page is an adaptive e-ink display that can be folded and tucked away just like a normal newspaper. It’s the perfect combo for the Luddite wishing to delve into new technology without giving up the feel of their totally outdated content delivery systems (read: newspapers). This is exciting […]

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Last week, Phosphor sent over one of their brand-new E-Ink Digital Watches (one with a stainless steel band) for me to check out and play around with. The watch I have is one of three variations of their E-Ink Digital Watches that range in price from $175 and up. Before you even get to see […]

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PHOSPHOR makes a pretty nice looking watch here as part of the E-Ink Digital Hour Clock watch series. Each one is $185 and features the paper-like e-ink display technology that allows you to switch from white-on-black to black-on-white instantly.