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I’m just going to go ahead and copy and paste the video description here: The work is composed by 1629 earphones embedded in a 180 cm diameter wooden parabolic antenna and 24 electronic boards that distribute sound from a mp3 player to each earphone. The parabolic geometry allows for all the sound sources to coincide […]


The new Apple it-took-3-years-to-design EarPods with remote and mic are better than the last generation, but they still sound pretty bad to me. While they definitely sound more balanced than the last generation, they still are very tinny to the ear. And for all the hype Apple is pushing about the physical design of these, […]


MacRumors has photos of what it believes are real images of redesigned headphones for the new iPhone (supposedly being announced September 12th). The photos and video posted below supposedly come from a trusted Vietnamese website.


This probably won’t do anything for you if you’re in a rush, but it’s hard not to say that this headphone case from Temple Bags is just beautiful. They’re on pre-order now for $40.