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The MTA just posted some new photos of the East Side Access project underneath midtown Manhattan. So crazy. I’d love to go down here but I know they’ll never let me.

I will never tire of seeing these East Side Access tunnels. Something about them just seem so cool.

Whoa! A really awesome video from WIRED about the massive East Side Access Project with footage that I’ve never seen before!

Watch these sandhogs blast an 11-foot opening into NYC’s bedrock underneath Grand Central as part of the East Side Access construction project.


The Atlantic’s In Focus does Gizmodo one better by posting even more images showing the progress of the East Side Access tunnels underneath Manhattan (I posted about this previously here). I wish this was my job — to go underground and photograph things for the MTA. What are the qualifications needed here?


Gizmodo just posted some insane photos of the East Side Access tunnels underneath Manhattan. The tunnels will soon extend and expand LIRR service to and from Grand Central Terminal. The tunnels are expected to be completed in 2019. Look at the photos inside.