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Really loving this Canary security device currently on Indiegogo. The cylindrical device (new hardware trend lately?) includes an HD camera, microphone, temperature sensors, night vision mode, motion detection, air quality and humidity sensors, and a super-simple setup process that involves unpacking it and turning it on. You can control it from your iPhone or Android […]


This is a pretty spectacular service. Let site44 connect to your Dropbox and it will automatically create a new folder with an index.html file inside that you can edit on the fly. No FTP knowledge necessary. All done within the ease of Dropbox. I like!

Gawker posts this really funny video of a guy named Basse Andersen who may just be the most easily scared man in the world.


I have no idea how great GoogaMooga is going to be tomorrow. It’s the first year this festival is happening and honestly, it could go either way. But even before the festival starts, I’m already impressed with the way the festival has been making attendees aware of events. The email blasts with reminders and useful […]