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Jake shares this post from Thomas Baekdal about how often complex passwords don’t necessarily translate to secure passwords despite what a lot of security experts tell us. In this short article on password hacking, Thomas Baekdal explains that sometimes a password like “this is fun” is just as secure as “J4fS

According to this video above, 1 mile of fence between Mexico and the US costs taxpayers about $4 million. That sounds like a lot of money for a sense of security that can be broken by 2 5’5″ ladies. Of course, they don’t climb all the way over, but one would think that somebody who […]

I’ve never used a PaperPro stapler, but from what I’m reading on WIRED, this regular-looking stapler is the cream of the stapler crop! It makes use of a staple-gun-like mechanism that turns one finger’s 8-pound press into about 30-pounds of pressure. So if you’re stapling a large packet of papers, it’s as easy as doing […]

Great idea for a type tee. You can get it now for just $9 at TypeTees (a subsidiary of Threadless).