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On the side of Bedrock Studios in Echo Park lives one of LA’s largest public murals. It covers the building’s 12,000-square feet of surface with a piece that gives nod to both evolution and the creation by God. The mural is done by graffiti art collective Cyrcle.

In case you wanted to see what it was like to walk up one of Los Angeles’ longer flights of stairs. Well, here you go. But don’t say I didn’t warn you about how unexciting it’s going to be. View Larger Map

There was lots of commotion nearby on Tuesday night as this fire raged through this warehouse off the 101 Freeway. Yesterday, I drove by this warehouse and it is completely gutted. Black-charred and empty and in the process of being boarded up. Sucks.

The Passenger: Ep 101 Pins and Needles – (rough cut) from Zoe Bower on Vimeo. There’s a place in Echo Park called Pins and Needles which is a vintage pinball arcade and tailor shop in the same place. I’ve always wanted a room full of pinball machines like this and it seems like Molly is […]