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If you recall, I posted a video last year of Pepsi Max and Jeff Gordon playing a prank on a car salesman by driving like a madman on a test drive. The stunt was seen by many to be fake, most notably called out by car blog Jalopnik. Jeff Gordon wasn’t happy, so he got […]

I like that Gizmodo had a professional surfer and Final Cut user review the new Final Cut Pro X from a user’s perspective rather than a tech writer’s perspective (although I suppose you can call Cyrus Sutton both). While in the end Cyrus doesn’t quite find reason to call the new Final Cut “pro”, he […]

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It’s less than an hour before September officially rolls around for me, and before I let that happen, I wanted to take the time out to thank Coudal Partners for a wonderful month of letting me guest blog and add my links to their daily feed. It was a great experience and I hope those […]