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Bill Gates continues his amazing guest editing position at The Verge for this month with this new video.

So cool that this video from over 20 years ago so accurately predicted how people would use technology to make learning easier.

Some great minds think about what liberal arts education will look like in 50 years. In many cases, a lot of them agree that a liberal arts education will not be like it is today because the fundamental point of liberal arts education is to change with the times. Interesting…

Families At The Dump is a wonderful organization whose mission it is to care for and provide education for the families living near a former dump at Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Through this organization, about 70 families are being moved into new homes and children are given a daycare + education. This video gives a glimpse […]

This is a video made by The Glossary based on a 2005 commencement speech made by David Foster Wallace at Kenyon College. In it, he describes two different lives we all can pursue — one that is unconscious and bland, where we accept the things given to us at face value; and the other where we are free to […]


This may or may not be news to some of you, but it turns out that rich kids are better prepared for school than poor kids. The article goes into how the wealthy in America have gotten richer quicker than the poor in America over the last few decades and how this income gap directly […]