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Teachers are important. Great teachers are invaluable. The Gates Foundation is out to help teachers become great teachers with new tools and help!

My friend Lucky (in the red hat) dancing in front of the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne for a good cause! They are raising awareness for DO IT IN A DRESS, an organization that gives women in Sierra Leone access to education.

Holy crap. This is definitely more confusing than the difference between the United Kingdom, England, and Great Britain.

To all my friends who are so focused right now on climbing the corporate ladder and missing out on life. Be careful what you wish for.

I’m not an educator, but I am a constant learner, and most of what C.G.P. Grey says in this video I can agree and relate to. The internet has literally transformed the way I learn about things and how quickly (or slowly) I learn about them. While I agree that there’s still use for the […]