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Snow White & the Huntsman – Titles from The Mill Visual Effects Studio on Vimeo. When I saw Snow White & The Huntsman in theaters, I remember telling myself to find out who made the title sequence because it was strikingly beautiful. Now I know, as The Mill has uploaded the video above showing the […]

SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of Prometheus from Michael Coleman on Vimeo. Yes! I was hoping this would come out soon. The SoundWorks Collection delves into the amazing sound design heard in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.

A remix of video game sounds made into a song. Thanks Polygon!


The New England Journal of Medicine has photographic evidence of the effects of the sun on human skin. It turns out what they say is true. Too much sun is bad for your skin as witnessed here in this photo showing a truck driver who over 28 years of driving had the left side of […]


Brendan Chilcutt has started an online museum of endangered sounds from devices and gadgets of years passed. Some of these are around and still kicking, but in a few years or so they may become completely obsolete and thus younger generations might not ever get a chance to hear what they sounded like. Well, now […]