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Look at this sick pre-fab house that is completely adaptable to its surrounding environment based on modular pieces which can be pre-determined via a computer diagram. According to the video, this house is so efficient in its use of exterior lighting and energy consumption that it’s almost always producing about 150% more energy than it […]

Check out this trailer for an upcoming documentary film called Float by Phil Kibbe. The documentary focuses on a small group of individuals who meet for a competition in which they construct and fly ultra-light model planes that weight just over 1 gram. These planes that they build use the power of one rubber band […]


I just started using this neat little app called CoverSutra today as a supplement to my music listening experience on my computer. What CoverSutra does is add additional iTunes functionality without the need to keep switching back to the iTunes application. CoverSutra adds a small music icon to the menu bar and from there you […]

I always get the impression that Japanese people are ultra-efficient and this video proves my point. You don’t have to understand the words being spoken to see just how amazing these morning tips and tricks are in helping you get out of the door as quickly as possible. Keep watching until the end to see […]

Bicycles, Rolling Stops, and the Idaho Stop from Spencer Boomhower on Vimeo. The Oregon Legislature is considering passage of a law that would allow bicycle riders to treat stop signs as yield signs. These “rolling stops” would allow bike riders to preserve some of the momentum they depend upon for efficient travel, just so long […]


Does anybody even bother using a bike to travel 350 miles? Because if they did, I’m sure they’d be happy to know that according to this chart from GOOD, a bicycle is the most efficient way to travel that distance. Also interesting to note: If you’re going to walk 350 miles, you might as well […]