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Video of 75 tons of scrap steel being dropped into a 90 MEGAWATT furnace

Video description: Adding 75 tons of scrap steel to an electric arc furnace. Furnace operates at 90 Megawatts from a 34,500 volt power feed.

This is so damn funny. Laughing Squid posted this video of a man named Mehdi Sadaghdar showing us how to properly use an electrostatic discharge gun. Get ready for him to mess up. A couple of times.

NYC Dark from Already Alive on Vimeo. A video from Jared Levy and Already Alive of what NYC looked like when the lights when out in Lower Manhattan after Hurricane Sandy.


Knowing how tall these power towers are, this art piece must have been dangerous and exhilarating to install.

New Mumbai from Tobias Revell on Vimeo. Unfortunately, this isn’t a true story but Tobias Revell’s idea of a giant fast-growing mushroom powering an entire building’s worth of electricity sounds like something we all need to get working on!


Imagine if your electricity bill looked like this! Well, if one Chicago startup has its way, it can! With the help of designer Kaila Dunn, Power2Switch is using this electricity bill template seen above to not only make the information on a bill easier to read, but also easier to understand. And in turn, Power2Switch is hoping […]