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Maxis just confirmed SimCity 5 with a release date sometime in 2013. The game will be very different from SimCity 4 and will feature many “social” aspects that will mimic real-world problems with a world of finite resources. Sounds fun!

I’m not a big gamer so I don’t know if this has already been done in another video game, but I just got word that EA’s Real Racing 2 allows you to drive and control the entire game from your iPhone while the game itself plays on your computer. For $12.99, that seems like it’s […]

Electronic Arts’ Bulletstorm was released a few days ago and so far the reviews have been right in the middle (not boring, not entirely new). The guns look really cool though. A couple of more videos from EA inside.

EA posted this making-of video for the spectacular real-life ad they made for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. The ad, which features the Pagani Zonda R and the Lamborghini LP640 going head to head in the mountains of Italy, is like a short film that’s pretty exciting to watch. If you missed the ad, make […]

It seems as though the game programmers behind Skate 2 just don’t care at all when it comes down to making the game feel realistic. Usually skating accidents are pretty hard to swallow but these mistakes in the game turn casual falling into aerial acrobatics!

If you can actually make these sort of videos in The Sims 3 (which comes out next week!!!), then I think I’ll have fun playing it.