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Gizmodo┬ájust posted some photos and this video (above) of the Specialized Turbo electric bike. The bike sports a removable 342-watt-hour battery built into the aluminum frame and the handlebars feature a small screen that gives you details about your ride as well as how much battery you have left. What’s unique about this bike is […]

I’m posting this video for the magic sky light/moon roof that fades electronically like one of those fancy shower doors. Here’s a video of that technology being introduced sometime in 2011.

Here’s a near-zero-energy use solution to e-ink displays as price tags on retail shelves. Traditional e-ink LCD displays need constant power (although low) to keep their displays showing, but researchers at ZBD Solutions have developed a way to keep an LCD screen’s black pixels in place even when the power is pulled completely. This allows […]

A Studio Visit with Matthew Dear from AIAIAI on Vimeo. AIAIAI and Ghostly International travel to the New York studio of Matthew Dear. More than the music, I really like the video because of the shots of NYC. This is his latest music video if you haven’t already heard it. Matthew Dear – “In The […]