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The clarity and scanlines over this video point straight to some later-revealed viral video for sure. Just waiting to see what it’s for.

This is the sickest thing I’ve seen all day. BoingBoing points to this video of a hyena coming upon a giant dead elephant, and where does it make sense — naturally — to start consumption? In the softest part of the body of course, the anus. Keep watching for a good surprise.

“Sleepwalking in the Rift” a film directed by Cary Fukunaga for Maiyet from M A I Y E T on Vimeo. Luxury brand Maiyet got Cary Joji Fukunaga to direct this short film about two people in love with East Africa and each other. Beautiful shots and scenery. Read more about it over at Nowness.

These giant holes in the wilderness sure seem like a great way for elephants to get trapped. And one is trapped here but thankfully rescued by a team of helpful humans. The mom is distressed clearly and so is the baby, but there’s a good ending to this one.