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Wikipedia has some cool old images of the former elevated highway that came before today’s West Side Highway. This particular section shown here is 23rd street and features asymmetrical ramps to the highway. Tons of photos to check out.


I guess I’m a little late in getting around to this post by Nathan over at Curbed, but better now than never! Nathan posts some amazing photos of an abandoned elevated railway in Queens known as the QueensWay. The railroad runs right behind a 3-4 mile stretch of neighborhood homes and there are currently plans […]


Sam Martin of Exterior Architecture has drawn up plans for a proposed bike super highway for London using existing elevated rail infrastructure from the outer city limits going into the city. His idea, called the SkyCycle, will ask cyclists to pay a small toll to enter at various exits/entrances (just like a regular highway) and […]


Check this out! The Center City District in Philadelphia has released the first renderings of the proposed Reading Viaduct Elevated Park! For those of you who have been to NYC’s High Line Park, you’ll notice that it looks very similar to it because it’s inspired by the highly successful parks project. Exciting!       […]

There’s been so many accidents off of the FDR lately that I’m beginning to think that any place underneath that elevated roadway is a danger zone. Imagine being that taxi driver though — I mean, who ever really thinks an SUV is going to land ON TOP of their car? Crazy. Video embedded above.

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This is pretty awesome. Check out this old archive footage of the 3rd Ave El in Manhattan. The 3rd Ave El was an elevated transit line that was part of the NYC rapid transit system up until the mid 1950′s. It ran along 3rd Ave all the way up to the Bronx and was later […]