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Not gonna lie, I’ve thought about this a lot. Anyway, this is an ad for Lonely Planet’s How To Survive Anything book which you can pick up for less than $15.

How to tell if your startup is doing alright. You can hire Ciao Bella Gelato to set up a stand in your freight elevator.

That GoPro attached to the elevator ceiling would have tipped me off to something really weird right away. OR…I would have taken it.

Elevator Murder Experiment: What would you do if you witnessed a murder in progress?

A very shocking, but thought-provoking viral video ad for the movie Dead Man Down that asks the viewer what they would do if they witnessed a murder in progress. Would you fight back? Call the police? Or run away in horror?

I would hate to work in an office this bland. I mean, look at that grey floor. Blech.