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So dangerous, but in the end, nobody was hurt and it looks like the elk was just scared off.


$299 gets you this gorgeous wall bike hanger known as the “Elk”. It’s made of oak wood and it sticks out without sticking out (if you know what I mean).

David Neils’ remote cameras captured this funny scene of an elk calf playing around in a puddle all by itself. Hehe, man, this guy is having fun!

From June to October, the town of Estes, Colorado is literally invaded by elk. They are wild animals in an urban environment which can lead to very tricky and dangerous situations given the tourists who come to town during the summer. I’m not trying to get myself killed or anything, but seriously, this sounds like […]


Photo by John McColgan (NASA has a larger version here) Taken in 2000 by John McColgan and spread online via email chain (every time there is a major forest fire, it seems), this amazing once-in-a-lifetime photograph shows two elk fleeing a fire at Bitterroot National Forest in Montana. The photograph has been claimed by some […]