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I don’t find myself wanting to try this on my own, but the concept and implementation of visualizing your email connections is quite neat. Watch the video and give it a try here. The web app promises to only look at your email headers and not the email content to grab your email connections.


According to the official Outlook Blog from Microsoft, today marks the end of Hotmail. A good 16-year run by Microsoft, but one that was surely bound to end once they switched over to the new Outlook.com recently. If you have parents and grandparents using Hotmail still, well, get ready for some phone calls.

Practice shredding and get all your emails answered at the same time! This contraption translates notes into individual letters and types them onto the screen. If you have some time, you can build your own!


Here’s a Mac Mail app to keep an eye out for. Tobias Schneider was sick of tired old email apps for the Mac that all do essentially the same thing in a different shell. So he started to develop a new one called Dot Mail (.Mail) which concentrates on after-actions for emails rather than simple […]

Here’s proof that Kickstarter isn’t the only place for random and useless crowdfunded projects. This Indiegogo project aims to give you a “highly coveted” goatse.cx email address for $50. Yep. If you have to ask what this is, then let me assure you that you DO NOT WANT TO GOOGLE SEARCH IT.


Been using this app called Postbox instead of Apple Mail and so far I really like it. I wish it used the more familiar Gmail keyboard shortcuts, but other than that, it’s solid, lightweight, and doesn’t mess up your existing Gmail inbox (something that other email apps are known to do).