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Have exactly 27 minutes to spare? Well, lucky you! You get to watch this incredibly well-produced proposal video that basically takes you from cheesy music video to suspenseful movie thriller, to cheesy and tear-jerking ending. Yes, this is going to take 27 minutes of your day. Be prepared.

I wonder how quickly she realize she was being proposed to with this massive production. I’d say right away.

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It’s 12 midnight here in LA which means that if Emily were here we’d be celebrating her birthday now! Happy birthday!!

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Today my sister turns one year older! Happy birthday!

Sean Kingston – New Music – More Music Videos Years from now, when I look back on my life as a young man, I want to be able to search Doobybrain.com and say that I took the time out on July 9, 2009 to post “Fire Burning” by Sean Kingston. So here’s hoping that my […]