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abrazos 2014

Wow. I’ve done a terrible job of keeping up with Australian singer Emma-Louise and it turns out that she’s re-recorded her initial YouTube hit “Temporary Friend” completely over again for an Abrazos 2014 album. This new recording is super clean and beautiful. Buy the song for $0.99.

New music from Emma-Louise! Now is a great time to revisit her amazing song “Temporary Friend”.

New song from Emma Louise! And no, this is not a Justin Timberlake cover.


This is exciting news. One of my favorite musical finds last year came from a young woman from Australia named Emma Louise whose song “Temporary Friend” became sort of an unofficial calling card for the Casual web series. Anyway, Emma Louise is about to release her debut album on March 22nd! Stay tuned for more […]

It’s been a while since I’ve heard Emma Louise’s voice so here’s a video I haven’t yet posted from her first performance outside of her native Australia.

A brand-new music video from one of my favorite independent Australian artists. Watch this!