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There’s a really fascinating read over at Jezebel about what it was like to work for and at Lisa Frank Inc. It turns out the company best known for its ’90s takeover of everything with unicorns, rainbows, and cutesy illustrations, was actually a pretty terrible place to work. And not only that, it seems Lisa […]


This is really unsettling to see. Deadspin published a map of the highest paid public employees for each state in the US and found that football coaches are making bank! Yes, odds are that your state’s football coach is probably making more than your governor, mayor, senator, etc. after bonuses each year. It’s important to […]

Video of Rackspace employees going down the company slide

I used to host with Rackspace. Who knew that the people I used to talk with over the phone were actually spending parts of their day going from the 2nd floor to the first floor in a slide. Fun!

Adam Smith, who is now the former CFO of a Tucscon-based company, lost his job after filming himself ambushing an innocent Chick-fil-A employee about the company’s recent hateful and hurtful comments about gay people. That water was free, but it probably was the most expensive water he’s ever gotten.

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Photo by Shanna Ravindra This is so incredibly fascinating to read. Esquire published a story today about Caitlin Burke, the woman who very recently solved a Wheel of Fortune puzzle with just a single letter guess. Her correct answer — “I’VE GOT A GOOD FEELING ABOUT THIS” — has propelled her into internet stardom. The […]