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With a soundtrack from M83, Oblivion is looking to be a fantastic film. I haven’t seen it yet, but this teaser in the form of the end credits makes me think it’ll at least be visually stunning.


It’s official: Starting Fall 2014, students attending Cooper Union will no longer have their tuition paid for by the school.

I really love how Gangster Squad did their end credits to look like old postcards of Los Angeles.

This is making me so sad. 7 years of good television is coming to an end January 31st!

US forces will now be officially training, advising, and assisting Afghan forces as they transition to taking over complete control of their own country.


Over the next couple of months, Newsweek is going to go through a big transition to end their print edition of their magazine. After their final issue this year, slated for December 31, 2012, Newsweek will go exclusively online, effectively ending an 80-year print run.