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You’re going to see a lot of this camera here on Doobybrain in the next few months. Because well, it is awesome.


The Verge is a beautiful, beautiful website. It’s started by some of the former writers and editors from Engadget. Posts are filled with wonderful type, really big pictures (love love love!!!), and more than intelligent commentary. Definitely something for other gadget blogs to follow after despite just coming onto the scene.

At Canon’s Pro Solutions event in London, Engadget got a first look at the Canon 1D X camera from a Canon rep. Their post on the preview shows photos of photos (yes, that’s right) of the ISO differences. Something to take a look at until the camera comes out in March.


Engadget has posted a video explaining and showing just how Thunderbolt can be utilized to its full potential. In the video, a 27″ Apple Cinema Display is daisy-chained to a RAID array which is then connected to the Thunderbolt port on a new MacBook Pro. Then using Final Cut Pro, 4 HD videos from the […]

Check out this video with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak talking about mobile devices (specifically the iPhone). What’s interesting to note here, even if you aren’t a tech follower, is that Steve Wozniak admits to regularly carrying at least 2 phones with him. From the interview, he mentions carrying 2 iPhones (one black and one white), […]

Engadget has a fabulous video interview with Meric Adriansen, one of the designers for some of Times Square’s most engaging and in-your-face advertisements. Meric’s designs end up using some of today’s most hi-tech computer setups just to display several seconds of advertising in a loop. Pretty fascinating info overall.