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Check this out. Nathaniel Hood staged his own engagement shoot in the middle of the suburbs and came out with what looks to be the most boring engagement photo session ever. Why is this though? There’s a lot that can be said from these images. But the biggest one is the fact that couples hardly ever shoot […]

When you are dating a comic book nerd and a lover of Iron Man, the only proper way to propose to the girl is via an Iron Man Arc Reactor. Complete with actual moving parts and a spasm of colorful lights. SO COOL. [via]

Best Proposal Video Ever from Rustic Red Studio on Vimeo. This was pretty good and simple. Nothing too over the top. Just personal, which is why I like it. Read the details here!


Photo: Cassidy Carson I’m from the city, so naturally most of the engagement sessions I see from friends take place in the city. And while each of them is beautiful on its own, I’ve always told myself that I’d prefer a non-city background for my own engagement photos (although, if I do end up taking […]

The engagement of Lilian and Gunther from timecut on Vimeo. I grew up with this girl and now she’s getting married soon!