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Richard from England Your England on Vimeo. This is interesting. A man in London named Richard is a professional piano tuner who chooses to live his life outside. He’s got nothing but a few bags of stuff and a bike to get around with and seems to be enjoying himself living this way. He keeps […]


It’s not an actual usable bridge but instead an art installation by Olivier Grossetête. It’s called Pont de Singe and it’s located at the Japanese Garden at Tatton Park in England. Cool, no? [via]

MOULTON BICYCLE COMPANY – MADE IN ENGLAND from WellPlastic Films on Vimeo. Handmade steel bicycles from England. [via]

C.G.P. Grey explains why the City of London is a city within a city within a country within a country. Yes, it’s that complicated. But he explains it well (like he always does).