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This should be the final nail in the coffin for RIM/BlackBerry right? BGR is reporting that  enterprise security experts agree that the iPhone is now just as secure as any BlackBerry device. Anybody suffering through the use of a daily BlackBerry is only fooling themselves.

Space Shuttle Enterprise Arrives at the Intrepid Museum – 6/6/2012 New York City (Timelapse) from James Shanks on Vimeo.

The Enterprise Space Shuttle, which was used primarily for testing and training and never flew into outer space, made its way to the deck of the Intrepid earlier today where it will rest as part of the Intrepid’s museum space. Here’s a video of it being lifted onto the deck.

Gothamist reports that the Space Shuttle Enterprise will arrive to its permanent home aboard the USS Intrepid next Spring! Whee! More reason for me to go!