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So happy that this is out already! KITTEN is streaming their new EP Like A Stranger a day early than it’s official release. You can listen to it in full over at FILTER.

This teaser video for Le Castle Vania’s upcoming EP “Prophication” is really awesome. Neon lights, flying ships, other wordly terrain, and just an overall retro-futuristic animated feel. Watch this!


For those who care [see: me], here is Jars of Clay’s latest EP recorded live in Sellersville, PA and released today. You can listen to it for free at that link.


Just discovered this band today after posting their G# video earlier today. Solid sounds coming from them and I’m really liking it! Haven’t stopped playing their short Cut It Out EP yet. Listen to it here if you want. Or just go on Spotify.

VOX By Kawehi, EP vol. 2 from Kawehi on Vimeo. This is actually pretty brilliant. Kawehi performed this song about her journey so far in independent music making. Looping, busking, and recording videos like this in the process. Awesome! You can help her make her next EP by donating on Kickstarter.