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Seriously, I have no idea what that title means, but if this isn’t the best YouTube channel ever, then I don’t know what is.

I can’t. This is just too much anxiety for me to watch without stopping a few times to look away. Watch these crazy kids climb up┬áreally, really, really tall places and hang off of them without any sort of harness or safety equipment whatsoever.

I watch the weirdest videos when I can’t sleep. Here’s a chock test for heavy duty construction hauling vehicles. The chock is the wedge placed under a vehicle’s wheels to prevent it from rolling down a hill in case of brake failure. Planes, trucks, and heavy equipment are often seen using these blocks.

Oh, neat! I didn’t know Cool Hunting did a video about the adult playground in Las Vegas where you get to sit in and operate heavy construction equipment! I’ve posted about it before (here) and I’ve even shown Jessi Lang having a bit of fun there for herself, and now here’s a better look at […]