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Etsy’s own blog sort of already does this, but it certainly helps to have an outsider’s point of view in searching for the best of what’s on Etsy. Think of it sort of like theĀ oppositeĀ of Regretsy. Visit A Cut Above The Retsy now.

Jennifer Mann isn’t selling her helmet anymore on Etsy but here’s the page with photos if you’re curious). Cool huh?

This video was made specifically for Etsy sellers, but the tips given here can apply to anybody trying to sell anything online — whether it’s eBay, Craigslist, or Etsy. Great, clear, and big photos are going to help a lot!


Here’s a lovely set of 6 colorful hand-silkscreened coasters made to look like donuts! Designed by The Design Firm. Get them here on Etsy!