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I can’t quite place my finger on it, but there’s something very amusing at seeing a large crowd gather and gawk at a giant Liebherr 9400 excavator.

Industrial tree mulcher attacher to an excavator

Not the cheeriest of videos, but something to know for the sake of knowing. This video shows an industrial mulcher attached to an excavator which then grinds entire trees down to piles of debris in mere seconds. It’s kind of sad. Human destruction to nature in a very extreme way. Also: Don’t forget, this is […]


Backhoe I’m not normally around construction equipment and I didn’t grow up seeing a whole lot of them (other than cranes) when I was growing up. So when it comes to correctly identifying them I’m usually at a loss for the proper word and often find myself just calling anything big and yellow/orange a bulldozer. […]

Nothing like an excavator crushing some cars on a moving train. MAGIC!

Look at the little beach umbrella fashioned onto that excavator. Comfort level up! [via]


This could easily be Photoshopped, but because this is China, I’m not gonna assume that it is. Who knows, those Chinese builders are sometimes crazy, right?