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Two men grow increasingly excited as they discuss their favorite movie stars, Liam Neesons & Bruce Willy. This is a funny sketch.

A day at a model railroad expo at Union Station in Ogden, Utah

I want to be this kid for a day. His enthusiasm for trains is just wonderful. I don’t think people realize it or think about it often, but trains are magical things. This kid knows what I’m talking about. Video by Gavin Beck.


I have the rare opportunity to go hang out with nature for a few days. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that regular programming won’t resume here until next Wednesday. Big changes are happening, so maybe Wednesday might be a bit too early. However, because I appreciate you all, I’ve written some posts […]

Some hilarious dude going crazy over heritage trains. I can relate.

These cows here have been let out of the barn on their UK farm for the first time since the Winter. I think this is the most movement I’ve ever seen from any cow. [via]

The complete opposite of a dog jumping into snow. But same happy feeling for the dog.