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This is just a mini Evangelion suit isn’t it? Something like what’s in Pacific Rim. Anyway, this is the weirdest product demo video ever. I mean…the slashes on the guy’s face…???????

No surprise here really, but this bionic hand sure resembles the Terminator exoskeleton in T2.

A little girl named Emma was born with a condition that made it hard for her to use her own strength to lift her arms. Normally for an adult, this disability could be remedied with the aid of a WREX exoskeleton but due to Emma’s small size there was no WREX available to fit her. […]


I don’t know why these Terminator exoskeleton patches are being marketed as “Terminator Salvation” roleplay items. It’s not like the exoskeleton only shows up in Salvation. Anyway, kinda tacky I guess and I’d image that they’d serve some form of entertainment for at least several minutes. Maybe it’s a good thing they’re on pre-order at […]